Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not So Organized After All

The beginning of this week I was feeling super productive and organized. Monday I decided that to cut down on my screen time I need to earn it. However much time I spend doing something productive (like cleaning house) I get that much screen time. Monday I vacuumed and washed all the floors upstairs. Took me around 2 and a half hours, so later that afternoon, I updated my blog and cleaned up my email (and played a bit on FB and Pinterest).

When my daughter came home she commented on how clean everything smelled :)

Tuesday I did loads and loads of laundry, and got caught up on my weekly projects which I had fallen behind on. Feeling pretty good about myself again. Spent the evening uploading birthday photos and ordering prints so I can get our albums updated.

This morning I ran a bunch of errands and was just getting ready to go pick up Little Hugger at school. I was about to head out the door when the phone rang. I decided to ignore it as I wanted to get to school on time. Then my cell rang. It was the school. My daughter was waiting for me in the office. I had forgotten that today was Wednesday - early release day. Oops. Not so on top of things after all. Luckily she didn't mind and was all smiles and hugs when I got there.

After lunch, Little Hugger and Little Man cleaned up the playroom while I cleaned up our basement bookshelf. One more weekly project checked off - a little late, but better late than never. Feeling better again now.

I'm still behind on my blog but slowly chipping away at stuff I want to write about, and finally figured out how to post date a post so if I do manage a real productive day, I'm not publishing everything on the same day.

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