Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Lost Tooth

Friday morning I was walking my kids to school, and Little Hugger said her tooth was really loose, and she seemed pretty nervous about it. I took a look and saw she was right, it was barely hanging on. This is her first loose tooth so I reminded her that if she lost it at school the nurse would give her a special tooth necklace for it. She got excited about that.

I picked her up at 1140 and we went home for lunch. I served her her usual (salami sandwich, apple, fruit bar and milk). I made my lunch and say down all the while talking to her about her day. Then I noticed a gap where her tooth had been.

Me: When did you lose your tooth?
She looks at me in surprise and a little scared: What?
Me: Your tooth. It's gone.
She starts feeling around for it in her mouth, and doesn't feel it. It's gone.
Me: It was still there when I picked you up?
Her: Yeah.

I looked around for it, and sure enough it was gone, she must have swallowed it. I don't think I've ever known anyone to swallow their loose tooth, and of course she was very concerned that the tooth fairy wouldn't come if there wasn't an actual tooth. I assured her the tooth fairy knew, so no need to worry but we even printed out a picture of her gap tooth smile to put by her tooth box later that night. We forgot to put the picture by the box that night but sure enough the tooth fairy came. ;)

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