Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Things About Little Hugger

Little Hugger also had to bring 5 things to her class.  Here's what she brought

Sketch pad - since she loves to draw

Stuffed cat - she loves cats and has been lobbying hard to get one as a pet.  Right now we're sticking with stuffed "pets".  One of these days we'll get a real pet, but for now we are debating dog vs cat.

Stuffed elephant - elephants have been her favorite animal for a long time

Kitten's First Full Moon - her favorite book (partly due to loving cats, but also a very sweet book about a cat that thinks the moon is a big bowl of milk).

Mac & Cheese - her favorite food. She'd eat it for every meal if I let her, thanks Kraft for adding the cauliflower so she gets some extra vitamins. Yes, the teacher chuckled a bit when she pulled this one out. Most  of the other 1st graders agreed they like Mac & cheese but she was the only one to actually bring it to class ;)

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