Monday, August 27, 2012

Thank Goodness for Lazy Sundays

We had a busy weekend.

Friday night we were invited to a neighbors house for a "Back to School" get together. They projected a movie - Spy Kids - on to their garage for the kids (and had popcorn and other treats), while the parents hung out. The Bears were playing a preseason game so all the guys were inside watching that while the Moms hung out outside in the backyard living room. By the time we went home (about 1030) Little Man crashed pretty hard after a brief meltdown.

Saturday morning I left before everyone woke up to go to the run.  I came home pretty shortly after I was done to get ready for our block party - filled water balloons, finished making the cookies, and finished our playlist for the iPod.

At 3pm we closed the street, the bounce house was set up shortly after. We strung Christmas lights in a big square across the street and little by little neighbors started to come out. We also set up tie-dyeing for the kids. Families were supposed to bring their own whites but we did have a few extra shirts just in case.Luckily we have enough big girls on the block who are experienced tiedyers so they were able to help the younger kids make some cool designs.  

We had a pretty good turnout - about 15 families including a couple from a block up and down.

We had water balloons and plans for musical chairs (even set the chairs up at one point), but never got around to doing any games as the kids were having enough fun just hanging out with each other and rising bikes in the street.

We had bought hamburgers and asked people to contribute sides, but one of our neighbors stepped it up a bit and rolled his smoker to the end of the driveway and made pulled pork for everyone. It was awesome - only a few kids ate the burgers, everyone else had the pork.

Around 430 the local fire department came by with their ladder truck.  They stop by every year (assuming they don't have a fire to put out, of course).  I think a lot of the kids had a been there, seen that attitude, but Little Man loooved it.  He got to climb up in the drivers seat, and check out all the equipment.  He's been wondering for a while how they get the water out of the hydrants, and one of the guys was nice enough to show him.  

Once it got dark we set up a projector and showed a movie (Megamind this time. We all ended up staying up til about midnight when we finally decided to call it a night. Overall a fun night. The kids went to bed tired, happy and filthy (after 2 nights without showers). My husband and I went to bed right after we got them tucked in.

Little Hugger still woke up at 7 am but had the decency to stay in her room quietly reading until 845.

Sunday was a rainy day, so after getting everyone showered and sheets changed we just stayed in, which was perfect, everyone got to chill and catch up on the homework that was ignored the past two days.  I'm glad that next weekend is a long weekend and we have absolutely nothing planned.  After the past two weekends, that's exactly what I need.

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