Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best Day Ever

Was Saturday, at least according to Little Reader. What was so great about it?

Part 1 - She jumped off the diving board for the first time ever.

We went to the pool, and there was hardly anyone there. She decided she wanted to go off the diving board. She got a little nervous, the first 2 times. 

 First time she somehow managed to jump backwards towards the wall of the pool, not forwards or sideways. Not sure how, but we made sure she tried again so she didn't give up after one negative time. Jumping in the second time took longer. She would walk to the edge of the board, stand there for a while and then walk back.  A few times.  It was a slow day so the lifeguard manager even offered to have a guard in the water to catch her in case she got scared. Very considerate, but we wanted her to go solo.  They understood and assured her they'd jump in if needed. 

At this point we wanted to make sure she did it as this was probably our last pool day this year, and I didn't want a bad memory in her head until next summer, and then have her be even more afraid to try again then.  Finally she did it, and then did it again, and again, and again..... She only stopped because repeatedly swimming the 15 feet to the ladder was tiring her out. They rest of the day she had this little smile on her face because she had conquered her fears. 

Part 2 of the best day ever - my husband grilled and we ate dinner on the deck.  Always a plus.

Part 3 - we watched Mirror Mirror. They'd been asking for a movie night and that was the best offering on demand. It actually was pretty cute, and my daughters both enjoyed it. The story of Snow White told by the queen's point of view. Julia Roberts is the queen, and Nathan Lane is her right hand man. Snow White was played by Lily Collins (I didn't recognize her from anything else) Nathan Lane was funny as always. The queen has bankrupted the kingdom and needs to marry a rich prince in order to get money.  As luck would have it one finds his way to the castle, and she tries to get her to fall in love with him.  Unfortunately for her, he has already seen Snow White and is more interested in her.  The Queen finally tries to put a spell on the prince which of course doesn't work out quite as she had hoped.  As always fairy tales end happily - and in this case a Bollywood-esque dance number

It is rated PG as there are some sword fights and a beast in the forest that might seem a little scary at first.  The dwarves are a little darker than the Disney version (in this version they are bandits, and train Snow White to fight like them).  

How was your Saturday?

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