Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tigers in Red Weather

I wanted to like this book, but it fell short. From the description, I was expecting something along the lines of Rebecca Wells (the YaYa sisterhood) but a Yankee version. It didn't meet my expectations.

Nick and Helena are the main characters - two cousins whose families share a summer home on Martha's Vineyard. World War II is going on and Helena's husband Avery was killed and Nick's husband Hughes is still fighting.

Fast forward a few years, Nick and Hughes are living in Florida where she is miserable as she doesn't fit in at all, she's no good at being a housewife, and misses her cousin terribly. Meanwhile Helena is living in Hollywood with her husband and is equally miserable but refuses to admit it. Helena's husband is obsessed with collecting anything he can find about a certain actress who he feels was never appreciated in her time. I'm not sure if she's a real person or not, at this point I don't really care. I was ready to give up on the book at this point but was only on page 90 and I usually give books about 100 pages until I give up.

Fast forward again and both cousins have children Daisy is Nick's daughter. Ed is Helena's son. They are spending the summer together on the island. Daisy is taking tennis lessons and determined to win the end of summer tournament. Ed was also signed for tennis but never goes to his lessons.

One day he meets Daisy at the club and brings her to a secluded area and shows her a dead body. Now I'm starting to think this is going to take a Stand By Me turn, but nope. Turns out the victim was a maid, and her boss is immediately suspected. Ed takes an unnatural interest in the murder and this is when we see Ed isn't quite normal. As the book goes on you realize how dysfunctional Ed's family's life is, not that excuses his behavior, but unlike the Ya-yas there is not much humor in any of these relationships.  It has a somewhat satisfactory ending, but I still wouldn't recommend the book.

I'm taking a little break as I wait for my requests to come in from the library.  I've heard lots of good things from Gone Girl, so hopefully that'll be next.  We'll see.

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