Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August means....

Back to school. We have a couple of weeks left to hit the last few items on the summer fun to do list.

Make a Messterpiece - been holding off on this one as it is pretty pricey

Pirates Cove - just got a Groupon - Woohoo!!!!

Dupage Children's Museum - it's a bit of a haul but we got free passes for the kids from the summer reading club.

If An Elephant Can Paint - saving this one for a day when Little Man is in school and his sisters are still off. A 3 year old boy in a paint your own pottery studio is like a bull in a china shop.

Manis/pedis for the girls - again saving this for a day without Little Man

We haven't had a lemonade stand yet but still want to.

Ok so that's the fun stuff. Now for the less fun stuff - housekeeping/organizing stuff.
I printed out the DONE list out from I'm only putting a few things on to keep it manageable. The printable is free over at her site so click on the link above and get things done!

Running - with kids home and in-laws gone, staying in the running groove will be tough. Last month I ran 10 times. My goal is to do better than that. Once everyone's in school it'll be easy. My goal is 12 running days. Not a lot more but unless I get my butt out of bed before my husband leaves on work days, it'll never happen.

Running Goal #2 - Run a 5k race. There is one in our town the last weekend of August, cheap registration fee, start time of 9 am - very reasonable, so a good practice race.

All reachable goals I think, what are your goals for August?


  1. I have to make our "bucket" list, too. I can't believe the summer is almost over! Fortunately, we finally made it to the beach last weekend. It has been too hot for us! I think we will try to hit the Renaissance Faire this weekend.

    Hope you guys meet your goals and fit in some rest!


  2. I actually have gone through my calendar and scheduled our next few outings so we manage to get it done (and still have some days to just hang out at home.

    We've made it to the beach quite a bit this summer, as my husband plays in a beach volleyball league in Wilmette. If not for that we probably would never get there.

  3. Looks like you guys have a bunch of fun stuff planned before it's back to school time! The children's museum and the Pirates Cove will be so much fun for the kids.


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