Friday, May 10, 2013

Birthday Number Two of the Week

Wednesday was Little Man's birthday which was just as chaotic as Little Hugger's but less dramatic, thankfully.  As we were walking his sister's to school he told everyone we saw it was his birthday. I dropped him off at school with cupcakes for his class. His teacher gave him a birthday crown which he very proudly wore for the rest of the day.  I left for a little while and then went back to school for Grandparent's Day - since we don't have any grandparents near by, the teacher said I could come.  They showed us what they do in their daily routine, we did a craft together, sang songs and released the butterflies that they have had in their classrooms since they were caterpillars.  His teacher kept getting choked up talking as the school year is winding down and she sad she's sad to see them go.

After lunch I brought Little Hugger to the dentist to make sure her teeth were ok.  Luckily everything was fine, and she pulled out the second very loose tooth rather than letting it hang.  So now she has a really gummy smile.

After school we hurried off to piano lessons, and then Little Reader had her dance pictures.  We didn't get home until after 7, had a quick taco dinner followed by cake and presents (lots of Superheros, Star Wars stuff).  I felt bad for Little Man, cause he basically got the presents unwrapped, got all excited about them and then was sent to bed.  Thankfully he doesn't go to school on Thursdays so promising him that we could play together the next day.

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