Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lia Sophia Success

Friday night was a fun and successful night. I had 10 friends show up for my party and based on the sales I earned $240 in free jewelry. Only 1 friend booked her own party so I only earned 20% of the sales. If I got one more friend to book a party normally I would earn 40% in free jewelry but for the month of May Lia Sophia is giving hostesses with 10 orders an 2 bookings 60% of their shows sales in free jewelry - for me that would be $720 worth of jewelry for free!!!!!

I've reached out to a couple of friends who couldn't make the show to see if they want to help me by booking their own, but not sure if they will.  I know I have a few followers in Chicagoland, so if you're interested in booking a show of your own, let me know.   I don't sell Lia Sophia myself, but I'd put you in touch with my advisor so I can get my second booking.  The advisor lives in Round Lake but was willing to drive to the Northwest city limits to do my party.  If you book a show through her, I'll commit to placing an order at your party (I don't have to be there, I can order online - unless of course you want me there).

Even if I don't get the 60% it was still a successful evening - had a fun evening catching up with friends and got $892 worth of jewelry for $173.80 (along with the free jewelry you get to pick out 4 pieces at special hostess prices, and up to 5 pieces at 50% off.  I laid out $125 in party expenses for food and wine, so overall a great deal and a fun night.

If you're interested, check out the jewelry here

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