Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Man - Part 1 of 2

I have two cute little stories about Little Man that I need to post so I don't forget, but will post them separately so I don't get too long.

One thing you need to know, Little Man LOVES capes. He has a reversible Batman/Spiderman one (I know Spidey doesn't wear a cape but we saw this in an independent toy store - which are far an few between these days so I like to support them when I can - and he loves it), a Superman one, and a basic black that is part of a Darth Vader costume.

Sometimes he'll wear the whole outfit, but most times he just wears the cape - who can blame him? Capes are cool.

Today I took him to Little Hugger's first grade class for "Book Brag". Parents go to the class and the kids read to them. There was a substitute there. As soon as we walk in he looked at Little Man - who today was uncharacteristically capeless - and asked, "Is this Superman?". I answered, "Some days, but today he's just himself". I obviously looked at him questioningly, because he told me that along with subbing he works at our local liquor store/packie and had noticed us yesterday when I was picking up stuff for my party and Little Man was wearing his Superman cape.

I guess Little Man needs to try a little harder to hide his secret super identity.

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