Friday, May 24, 2013

We Survived Dance Week

My daughters both take dance.  Little Reader took Ballet/Jazz this year, and Little Hugger took pre-hop. While I would have preferred they had taken the same class I didn't want to push it, although both in one class would have been more convenient.  They both took their classes through our local park district but because they have so many classes they have two recitals and of course we ended up having two different recital times.  Which meant two different days for pictures, two different days for dress rehearsals, and two performances for my husband, Little Man and I to attend.

It was a crazy and tiring day with only and hour and a half in between shows.  Luckily the recitals were at a school which had a nice playground in the back so they were able to burn off some energy and have some fun between shows.

 Little Reader danced to Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend"  I told her to give me attitude for this one

Little Reader danced to Khachaturian's "Dance of the Rose Maidens" so I told her to give me a "ballet" pose.

They both did a great job and had a lot of fun over the course of the year.  Thankfully, Little Reader decided that she would rather do a contemporary class next year and she has decided to take a class with her sister, so next year we will hopefully have an easier May :) 

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