Monday, March 5, 2012

Abe Lincoln at Last!

Admittedly it didn't take me long to read this, but I did enjoy it and understand why my daughter likes the series.

Jack and Annie are the main characters and they live in present day Pennsylvania. They have a Magic Tree House in their backyard that transports them to another time and place by their pointing at a picture of where they want to go in a book.

In this book they are on a mission to get a feather from Abraham Lincoln. They are transported to the Lincoln White House where they meet Lincoln's sons but are unable to get a to see the busy new President. They then use a magic potion to transport them back in time again where they meet a boy who calls himself Sam. (but really is Abe Lincoln as a young boy). He gives Jack and Annie a feather but they don't realize that Sam is actually Abe.

They are transported back to the White House and then do bump in to the President who remembers having met Jack & Annie when he was a boy, and explains that he was Sam, he just liked to play pranks on people. Realizing that they have accomplished their mission, they return home.

It was a quick read but well written. I like that these books teach kids about history in a fun way. In a relatively short book they touch on Lincoln's childhood in a log cabin, the fact that he's main task as President was to reunite the country, and a little on his personality as a prankster. Basically learning made fun. The Research Guides are available for to learn more about the topics covered in the book.

I just need to find a similar series of historical adventures for my voracious reader, since she has read all of these now. Any suggestions?

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