Friday, March 30, 2012

You Can't Win if You Don't Play

I hardly ever buy lottery tickets, but a historically large jackpot is worth throwing a couple of bucks at. I had the kids pick a couple of numbers and did quick picks for the rest. Total cost $5 - potential winnings at this point $640,000,000 or $462,000,000 after taxes.

We've all heard sad stories of people who win large jackpots and squander it away quickly due to shady investments or bad financial sense. This is so much money I think it would be hard to squander.

So what would I do with it? First pay off ALL debt. Then set up a fully funded college fund for each kid. Help out immediate family with financial needs (second cousins twice removed need not apply). Take care of the long list of things we plan to do to our house when we have the money.

A decent chunk should go to charity. There are a ton of worthy causes in the world, but off hand I would give money to fund MS research, and something to help hungry people in the US. I'm always appalled when I hear that there are millions of people going hungry in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And in this economy, those numbers have increased dramatically.

Then for the fun stuff.

Travel. My bucket list is long, but the African safari with Micato has been top of the list for ages. Then Australia/New Zealand. All first class of course.

I've always loved the Cartier tank watches, not sure which specific model I would get, but that's a decision I wouldn't mind having to make.

Right now I drive a Highlander which is great for 3 kids, but I'd love a fun little sporty car for those rare times I don't have to have the kids with me.

That's all off the top of my head. I know my chances of winning are infinitesimally small, but it's fun to dream. If I did win I would never publicize it, and would only tell the people who I can trust. So if I do win, don't expect a post about it, although my posts may become a little more interesting as I spend my winnings traveling the world :)

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