Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making progress

This past Tuesday we had garlic pork for dinner. I had given my son a little of everything we were having as usual.

We were all talking about our days when I saw my son pick the piece of pork up off his plate and lick it :). Now, it's true in most household's that's not how you eat, but for him this was huge. Even better, he said "mmmmm, tastes like bananas". Of course garlic pork with bell peppers tastes nothing like bananas, but bananas are one of the few things he likes, so I think this was his was of saying he liked it. He even tried the peppers. Again, no nibbles just licks, but it's progress.

When his feeding therapist came today and he did everything she asked without too much hesitation and she said that she talked to her coworkers in his feeding group and of all the kids, he is the one most willing to try new things.  She had also mentioned that she could teach us some tricks to get him off the sippy and on to a straw cup but then we got busy doing everything else that we both forgot.  He did so well he finally earned his chocolate cookie - her little reward for him doing well.  After she left he savored that little fudge stripe, even scraping the chocolate off with his teeth, not just licking it.  When I mentioned to him that this was our last pack he asked me to buy a different type that was pictured on the box for next time - again a big step for him.  

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