Friday, September 28, 2012

Consignment Sales

The leaves are changing, temperatures are getting cooler. T shirts are ok on some days but shorts are probably out of the question at this point. It's time to get the fall/winter clothes for the kids if you haven't already.

I have spent the last week going through my kids closets having them try pretty much everything on as we prepare for a sale this weekend. It's run by the women's group I belong to so I am both a seller and a buyer.

I have about 75 things tagged and ready to be dropped off tonight. Clothes, Hallowe'en costumes, some nursery items, and a few toys. For the past few sales I let my kids keep the profits of any toys they choose to sell. They definitely purge a little more this way.

Usually I leave the kids at home when I shop the sale, but unfortunately my husband is going back to the Ryder Cup (he's already gone Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) so I'll have to bring them with me. Since my kids are getting older I think we'll be ok. Also clothing sizes are less accurate as they get older so it'll be helpful to have them there to try stuff on Luckily we don't really need a lot either, so don't need to get there right when it opens.

The timing of this sale is perfect too, as the weather has still been relatively warm so I haven't had to buy any new clothes at full price yet. I did buy a winter jacket and snow pants for Little Man just in case I don't find them at the sale.

Here's a picture from last years sale - this is just the boys clothes and toys there's a ton more.  I look forward to finding some great bargains and hopefully selling more than I buy. I'll post the results tomorrow.

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