Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nice Afternoon After a Disappointing (But Productive) Morning

This morning I was all excited to go running as I haven't been since Saturday and had had a good 4 mile run that day, and thought I could do the same today but I woke up to this.

I decided to just shower and get dressed and take the kids to school. As soon as I had dropped off Little Man, the rain stopped and about 15 minutes later the sky looked like this.

I should have just gone but at that point I was already showered and had convinced myself that I should clean instead. So that's what I did. Cleaned the basement and did my best to ignore the beautiful day upstairs. After I was done cleaning I used this tutorial from Organizing Made Fun to create a printable from Picmonkey. It's a great tutorial if you haven't tried it yet. At first I thought her steps seemed so detailed that I would just skip the tutorial and try it on my own. That didn't work, so back to the tutorial and I made a pretty little cleaning checklist. Not sure how easy it is to edit once it's been saved I haven't tried yet

I have other ideas for others, some I may laminate. I want to play with it some more first.

This afternoon I took my daughters to their piano lessons and took Little Man to the Nature Center next to the teachers house. Mother Nature must have felt a little guilty for messing with my morning because we were treated to 3 different types of birds - a family of ducks, a swan, and the tall skinny one on the left I'm guessing is a heron or egret. Usually all we see are Canadian geese and a couple of ducks.

Hopefully I can get a good run in on Friday as Dr. J is on call this weekend, which makes running tough. My kids aren't quite old enough that I can leave all three home alone for any length of time.


  1. Your morning sounds similar to mine except I should have been cleaning but was reading blogs instead. Ha!

    1. It took a lot of discipline to clean instead of read blogs, but it needed to be done.

  2. The Nature Center looks positively gorgeous!

    1. It's really small, but does have a few pretty spots, especially right know when a lot of the flowers are in bloom despite the lack of rain.


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