Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Man's First Basketball Class

This afternoon Little Man went to his first basketball class.  He has been wanting to take this class for over a year.  Every time we would drop his sisters off at dance class we would pass the gym of our community center and he would see lots of little kids playing all different sports.  He would always stand at the door watching them playing, hoping that he could join them.

This season he is finally old enough.  He was giddy all day when I told him he was going to start basketball today.  After lunch we headed over to the gym and he joined 6 other 3 and 4 year old boys and had a great time.  He came out with a HUGE smile, and I asked if he had fun - YES!  Was it as fun as you had hoped - YES!  Was it more fun than you had hoped? - YES!  It was more fun than watching construction.  Very high praise from a 3 year old boy :)


  1. So glad to have you as my 90-day Ad Space giveaway! :)

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2

    1. Thanks! I'm excited. I've never advertised before and an curious how much new activity it'll bring me.


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