Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Goals & Catching Up

Today has been a totally lazy day as my husband is post call and tired after being called in at 430am. It's cloudy so the kids want to stay inside. Perfect day to catch up on projects and set my goals for September.

I've updated my photo albums and uploaded all our photos to Shutterfly
I finally made a basket for Little Hugger's baby doll stroller. She's been asking for ages.

So goals for this month are:
- Run 50 miles (total)
- Stick to a budget
- Stick to a cleaning routine
- Update project list

Some of the big to-dos are
- Figure out collages for blog
- Catch up on my Project list
- Sew a comforter for Little Readers Build A Bear Bed
- Tag clothes for Kids Sale

Tomorrow we will tackle the honey-do list. I'm giving my husband a pass today, which is taking advantage of to the fullest - watching golf and studying up on NFL in preparation for his fantasy football draft Tuesday night.


  1. Best wishes for running those 50 miles this month!

    Sticking to a budget, I ya girl! :)

    Happy September!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

    1. Thanks. The 50 seemed doable at the beginning of the month but Mother Nature and my husbands schedule are conspiring against me.

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today with the linkup! I definitely second that free pass given to hubby. I wanted to do so much post-call yesterday and instead, I basically watched a movie and forced myself to work out. It can be so draining!

    I've added you to my reader and can't wait to stop by again :)

  3. I need to really start making weekly goals. I like how you have them broken into two lists with one being more priority. I love lists and I'm more productive when I use them :) Wishing you a successful month!

    1. I am definitely a list junkie. The daily stuff is on my phone, but I realized that I was neglecting the bigger stuff as that was just on a mental list.

      I'm hoping blogging about it will make me more accountable. So far it's working.

  4. Good luck hitting 50 miles! That's a great number to shoot for.

    1. Thanks! I hope I make it. So far it's not looking so good. I'll have to ramp up my per run mileage to make it work.


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