Sunday, September 9, 2012

Questions of a Third Grader

Little Reader has been studying space exploration at school. Last night she asked me: How many people have been to the moon?
Me: 12 men have been to the moon (after a quick google)
Little Reader: Why not any women?
Me: At the time, not many (if any) women were astronauts?
Little Reader: Why not?
Me: Well, to be an astronaut you have to be good at science and math and people used to think that women weren't smart enough to understand math and science. If girls had trouble with those subjects at the time they would often just give up instead of trying, or asking for help.
Little Reader: Hm, well I like science and math and the girls in my class are smarter than the boys. The boys are all.....disruptive.

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  1. Precious description of boys! And praise God for google to answer those questions--I would have no idea!


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