Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to My 31 Days

As I mentioned a while back I'm taking part in the 31 Day Series from the Nesting Place.  It runs the month of October and while some people will probably pick a really specific topic, I'm going a bit more general.

What do I mean by a more balanced life?  Taking care of all those things you need to have a handle on so that you can enjoy your life.  Like what?  Well, getting finances in order is a big one.  Cleaning and organizing my home is another biggie.  Making time for fun stuff with the kids, even just enjoying the little day to day moments more.  Making more time for my husband.  Making time to do the things I enjoy.  Making new friends, and making a better effort of keeping up with the old.

With the holidays coming up, October is an excellent time for me to get my act together before the madness begins. I'll be posting about all of those things, as well as a few of my usual slice of life and photo posts since taking time out to enjoy the little moments is part of leading a balanced life too.

As recommended by the Nester, I will add links to the rest of the posts below, so you can just click through if you came from the Nesting Place.

Day 1 - October Goals - To help keep me on track I've started setting monthly goals for myself for bigger projects and anything too big to be a one line item on a todo list.

Day 2 - Personalities - Trying to balance the personalities that make up our little family

Day 3 - Blogging - Trying to balance writing, reading blogs more efficiently

Day 4 - Apps - I'm a bit of an app junkie and am working to reform my appy ways

Day 5 - To Do List - My new system, working much better than the old

Day 6 - Independence - As my kids are getting a little older they want more independence.  I agree to an extent.

Day 7 - A Good Friday - A good day for everyone

Day 8 - Time Management - My old fashioned but new way of managing my time

Day 9 - Hoarding vs Being Sentimental - Trying to rein in my daughter's hoarding tendencies

Day 10 - Friendships - A goal for this year - make new friends but keep the old

Day 11 - Fall - I love fall, but I don't like Halloween.  Tricky balance when you have kids in the house

Day 12 - Pinterest - Why I love it, and how I don't get obsessed by it.

Day 13 - Facebook - Why I love and hate it

Day 14 - Screen Time for Kids - This is one of those topics that gets me up on my soapbox. 

Day 15 - Beauty & Raising Little Girls - the line between building self esteem and empty words

Day 16 - Fall is Here - Wordless Tuesday doesn't have quite the right ring to it, but enjoy my little shot of fall as I took a day off from writing.

Day 17 - Back to the Challenge - Yesterday was just a pretty little post so I could enjoy a good day, rather than stressing about writing a post.  Today I'm back on track.

Day 18 - Finding A Middle Ground - I've been hard on my daughter in the past for being so opinionated, when I realized she gets it from me.

Day 19 - Going from 2 to 3 - People often ask me what it's like to have three kids (especially ones who already have 2 and are considering having one more).  Here's my answer.

Day 20 - Family Time - Weekends are for family time.

Day 21 - Time to Start Dressing Like a Grownup - I make my kids pick out their clothes the night before and try my best to make sure they look nice, but am lazy when it comes to how I look.  Time to grow up.

Day 22 - Don't Go Through Life Looking Through a Viewfinder - Put the camera(phone) down, and enjoy the moments with your kids.

Day 23 - Love Is A Given, Respect Is Earned - I heard Earl Woods say this long ago, and agree

Day 24 - Keeping My Eye on the Prize - I'm enjoying running, but also looking forward to slowing down

Day 25 - How I Start My Day - enjoying life's little moments before they disappear

Day 26 - Busy Call Weekend - My husband's on call which means I'm the lone parent for the day.  Usually no big deal, but I scheduled a crazy couple of hours this afternoon. Luckily I have a Mom's day off scheduled for next weekend, so that will help keep me sane.


  1. Coming by from The Nester. I'm looking forward to reading your series! I definitely need help with this!

    1. Thanks for linking up. I'm figuring it out as I go along myself, but hope I can help :)

  2. You got me!! Well balanced life I could use.... Can't wait for your series.

    1. Thanks for linking up. I don't claim to be an expert but after all I've learned from other bloggers, I hope to help others as I figure stuff out.

  3. Love this topic, visiting from Nester. Can't wait to read all about it.

    1. Thanks following you too. So far seems like we have very similar interests/habits.


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