Saturday, September 29, 2012

Post Sale

We had a very successful sale.  The kids behaved well, never got lost, and didn't whine about getting anything beyond what we got, and stood nicely in line for 20 minutes to pay.  So here's what we got.

My apologies for the pixelated pictures
For Little Man
1 Sweater
1 Flannel Button Down Shirt (possible Christmas shirt)
1 button down J Crew shirt
1 button down NWT shirt from Lord & Taylor
2 Long sleeve shirts
1 Gap long sleeve polo
1 pair pjs
1 pair pants
6 turtlenecks
3 books
1 R2D2 toy

For Little Hugger (she didn't need anything)
Red Velvet holiday dress
Ariel toy
Barbie toys

For Little Reader
1 book
Black holiday dress
Black shoes to go with dress
4 long sleeve shirts
1 skort
1 jacket
1 sweater
1 nightgown

Grand total : $83.46!!!! I also sold some stuff so after deducting my profits, it really only cost me about $25 bucks for all that. At this point the only things I need to buy to get my kids through fall and winter are some pants for Little Man and maybe a pair of shoes for Little Hugger to go with her dress. 

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