Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jasmine Nights

Saba lives in Wales during World War II with her parents and paternal grandmother. Her father is Turkish and extremely strict and traditional. 

She loves to sing and performs for some injured troops at a hospital, and she meets Dom who is recovering from a plane crash. She is offered the opportunity to audition for the ENSA - a British version of the USO. Her father is at sea when she recieves the notice and although her mother knows that he will be livid, she wants Saba to follow her dreams and allows her to go.

She heads to London to audition.  After he is released Dom tracks Saba down at the theater and they spend more time together.  She gets the ENSA gig, but with it comes a very unpredictable schedule which makes it hard for her and Dom to stay in touch. 

Saba is stationed in Northern Africa - mostly Egypt.  She is excited about being in a new and different culture.  She is young and naive but one of the other members of the company, Arleta, shows her the ropes.  She's a bit of a partyer and adds a bit of humor to the story.  While Saba's primary job is performing with ENSA she is recruited by a BBC broadcaster to work as a spy. I have to admit I thought this thread seemed a bit weak. I guess I've seen too many bad movies, but I thought Dermot Cleeve was pretending to be a spy to get Saba's attention. The information she gathered seemed pretty inconsequential to me, but in the end it was useful. 

Saba and Dom do manage to reunite but then Saba needs to leave suddenly to take care of one of her Secret Service assignments.  She can't tell Dom the truth and he assumes she doesn't love him.  There is a lot of back and forth and missed connections between the two of them.   Overall I enjoyed the book and will definitely look in to other books by this author.  I admit my synopsis is a bit short and disjointed but that is because I finished the book a week ago but after trying to edit my review on my phone I accidentally deleted it - TWICE - and I don't feel like writing it all over again.  Sorry. 

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