Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 Hostess Tips for having a Successful Lia Sophia party

I don't sell Lia Sophia but I have hosted 2 parties and attended 3 others. To help hostesses out there earn lots of great free jewelry I figured I'd share what I've learned.

1. Guest list - it is my experience (and two advisors have confirmed this) that no matter who you invite only about 25-33% will actually attend.While these parties are a fun excuse for a girl's night out, people feel pressured to buy so usually won't attend unless they want to buy the products. To maximize your freebies and bonuses for Lia Sophia you need to 10 people to place orders and 2 people to book shows.  To hit that 10 order minimum invite at least 40 people.

2. The second part to earning your 40% is having 2 friends book their own show.  At both my shows only 1 person booked their own show.  The first show was pretty small though.  The advisor I worked with recently mentioned that in her experience younger women book shows, but don't buy as much and older women buy more but don't book as many shows. This has been my experience too.  If you don't get two bookings at your actual party, encourage anyone who can't attend to book their own show.  Emphasize the perks and bonuses.  If you have a friend who is on the fence ask your advisor if she's willing to sweeten the deal with a bling card - aka a Lia Sophia gift card.  My advisor offered to give one piece valued at $100 or less for free for my friend if she booked.

3. Choose your date carefully, obviously you want to pick a day that works well for you, but think about the people you are inviting and their availability. We have a lot of Greek and Eastern Orthodox people in our area and I booked my party on their Good Friday without realizing it - and lost 5 potential guests right there. 2 others had their children's communions that weekend. So 7 people were already out due to planning their own parties/family gatherings.

4. Consider hosting with a friend. Increases your guest list and your chances of getting that 2 shows booked.

5. Hype your party before you send invites. The advisor will usually send your invites for you about 3-4 weeks before the party. As I mentioned mine included mini-catalogs with the invites so people could easily see some of the jewelry. A link to the full website is a also a good idea so they can see everything, but the mini catalog was a good teaser to get them interested enough to check out the website. Create an event on Facebook. My advisor did this and posted pictures of jewelry and notice of specials as the party got closer.

6. Send out your invites early enough that you can move to your B list if necessary. As I got closer to the party I realized there were other people I would have liked to invite but it was too close to party day for it not to be obvious they were B list. 

7. Be a walking advertisement - assuming you already have some pieces wear them leading up to the party (preferably current pieces, but even retired ones will give people an idea of the styles available).

8. Depending on how many respond yes, you may want to open up the party to more day of. The day before my party was raining and miserable. So I posted on FB, that the best way to fight rainy day blues was with some sparkle - join me for cocktails and Lia Sophia jewelry.

9. Have fun with the party but don't go so overboard with drinks and food that you spend more than you earn. You also don't want your friends to think they have to go to the same level or above to host their own show, and feel intimidated to host a show. You can still have a theme and have fun but set a budget and stick to it.

10. Your advisor will most likely leave your show open for a couple of days after your party. This gives you time to figure out what you want to buy, but also gives those who couldn't make it a chance to purchase online through your advisor's page - and contribute to your earnings. Promote that option through email, Facebook, Twitter whatever.

Have fun!!

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  1. hmmm, my prior comment did not post so here goes again: I love this post! I sell Pampered Chef but I feel that much of this post is relevant to any direct sales company. I will be pinning this & referring my clients to your post, which in turn may generate more followers for your blog! Thank you for writing this. :)


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