Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 things I discovered this week

1. You can wash cashmere in baby shampoo and cold water. It's certainly gentler than dry cleaning and also better than Woolite. I tried it this week (starting with a couple of my older sweaters) and it works. I put them in a basin to soak for a couple of hours to overnight (if I forgot about them) and laid them to dry on a towel after gently pressing the water out - do not wring or squeeze. Done and done and still nice and soft.

2. Olio board - I love Pinterest for crafts, recipes, home organization stuff, but when it comes to decorating, this is so much better. You create boards of decor stuff by picking based on what other people have pinned or you can search through certain retailers. The best part is that if you click on anything you selected, it takes you to the seller's website and you can buy it!!!!!! Isn't that awesome? I have seen so many things on Pinterest that I like but have no idea where the pinner found them so it doesn't do me any good. Not all retailers are on there yet but Crate and Barrel ( and affiliates) are as well as tons of others. I haven't created any boards yet but look forward to starting.

3. Feeddler RSS - I've been following a bunch of blogs through GFC for a while but honestly rarely read their posts as I don't use a real computer much. I had resisted following new blogs as I knew I'd never find them again to read them. This app let's you access all the posts on your phone. It's perfect. I'm all caught up now (after reading through over 300 ppsts that were waiting for me) I look forward to keeping up with my favorite sites.


  1. I had heard that about cashmere...but still I am not sure!!
    thanks for the info about the RSS...this blog stuff starts to get complicated after is fun though!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Happy to share the tips. So far the baby shampoo has worked well, and saved me a fortune in dry cleaning :)

      I'm following you back, and must say I'm impressed by your # of followers given that it looks like you started in October (and that with 8 kids you even have the time :)

  2. I am your newest follower via gfc as myw1ldcrazylife and hope you can follow me back


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