Friday, February 24, 2012

Morning Drama

We were supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow last night so I was expecting that the kids would have a snow day today. Sadly, 6 am came and went without a call from the school despite snow on the ground and more falling.

I got the kids ready for school and as my daughter was getting her boots out of the closet I heard a bump and a scream. I ran over to hear and she was screaming crying and holding a tooth in her hand. Oh shit! She is in the middle of losing her baby teeth, but hasn't had a loose one in a while. She was bleeding quite a bit, so I ran down to get my trusty red washcloth (if you have kids you need to have some of these, trust me). I brought it upstairs for her still not knowing which tooth she had lost and thinking we may have to go to the dentist this morning as all her front teeth are now her adult teeth. We sat in the bathroom for a while with her on my lap crying while I cleaned her up with the washcloth.

Once she calmed I look at the tooth and the new space in her smile and confirmed that yes this was a baby tooth, and probably next in line to fall out given that she lost the opposite one not long ago. Phew!!!

The bleeding stopped pretty quickly and we left to walk to school. As we were walking I asked her how many teeth she had now lost. She answered 8 and then thought a little and said, "Duncan Keith may have lost 7 teeth but I lost 8".

In case you are wondering about the red washcloth, it's a tip I got from my Mom. Most little kids don't like the sight of blood (especially their own). So if you use a dark colored washcloth to clean them up, the appearance of the blood won't be as dramatic as say a white washcloth. I use red as I have gotten a couple of rally towels from Hawks games over the years that I keep for this purpose. I think one year they need to make one with the old line, "Give Blood, Play Hockey". Until then, I use these.


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  2. That's a great tip! And it just so happens I have lots of red washcloths for the bathroom. Stopping by from Make my morning.

  3. So so glad my kids are done with the teeth! I can handle blood(nurse for over twenty years)But teeth gross me out, my husband help all the kids with that. Don't ask me why I'm like this I just am, you would think having six kids would get me over that but nope it hasn't! I love the back ground on your blog. I'm your new blogger follower! And I'm Natalie/Bridget's Daughter Thanks for sharing your blog!

  4. Cute blog! Following you from the Make My Morning blog hop. I hope you will stop by Swanky Baby and follow us too!


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