Thursday, February 2, 2012

Frugal February

I'm still working on getting our finances in order. We're eagerly awaiting the result of our appraisal last week, and have received the check for the loan from my husband's 401k.

We have a lot of bills which are set amounts. The variable are groceries, gas and miscellaneous. To try to cut down on the miscellaneous and to see how accurate my grocery budget is, I am going to start each day's post with the expenses from that day (or the day before).

I know some people say that it's best to only use cash for these kinds of expenses but I'm going to try this first. Also since any debit card expense is immediately taken out of my checking account then I don't have to worry about misplaced receipts.

So here goes - 2/1
Gas 48.82
Michael's 25.74 (baskets for bathrooms, frame for bathroom sign, construction paper)
Meijer 94.20 (groceries and household stuff - stocked up on food for my son and Ivory soap as they were on sale)

March is always an expensive month for us as both my husband and daughter have birthdays and the kids have spring break and my husband has his golf trip, so the more we can save this month the better.

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