Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching Up

Thursday my son's feeding therapist came again. After his warmups, she got him to promise that he would try to bite a piece of a real banana and spitting it out would be ok. He agreed. She asked him to show him where the bananas were. I asked if he wanted to pretend to be monkeys, and he agreed. When we got in to the kitchen, he pointed to the fruit bowl and said "oo-oo aa-aa" like a monkey. :)

He was very excited to tell her of his progress and she tried to get him to eat a real banana mushed up in the purée that he already likes. He wouldn't do it. Still he has gotten better at scraping things on his teeth, and licking food off of crackers or just licking them to try them. Unfortunately, he loves Fruit Loops. Yuck.

That night we went to Open House at our daughters' school. They were both really excited to show us their classrooms and the projects they've been working on, like my kindergartners "pinch pot" from art class.

It was a fun but busy night.

Friday was a good kid day. After dropping my daughters at school, my son and I played since we didn't have any errands to run. My youngest daughter had her half day for school, so after lunch and getting her brother to nap, we finally started work on our paintings.

My bedroom walls have been bare since we finished construction, so awhile back I decided that I would have the kids paint something for me using the color pallet of the room. The walls are Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. I decided that I want to paint a tree and have the kids make the leaves with handprints. It'll be a little tricky as it is latex paint, but my little guy has been doing lots of handprint art at his tots class so hopefully he won't mind too much. I did the blue background and the grass. Now I have to do the tree. I need to do a couple of samples before I do it on the canvas. My daughter did a pale blue background on hers and wants to paint designs and squiggles on hers.

After school we picked up my oldest daughter and picked up her Girl Scout Cookies. She sold 156 boxes. A few boxes went to the troops but most came to us. We spent the afternoon sorting them.

Once the kids were in bed my husband and I watched the Iron Lady. As usual Meryl Streep was very good. She always gets do deep into character that you forget she's not the person she's portraying. I try not to read any critiques of movies before I see them, but did see one about this movie that I agree with. The story was told based on how she is today (frail, forgetful, hallucinating that her husband is still with her) and flashing back to her past. While it was well written and the flashbacks made sense and helped tell her story, it made me a bit sad to see what she has become. Obviously she is elderly, she's 87, so the present day portrayal of her is probably accurate, but it was hard to see the Iron Lady looking so frail, especially the opening scene. I don't know if she or her family helped with the movie or were even consulted but hopefully it was done with her blessing. It wasn't disrespectful just sad. Overall, it was a good movie though. Well acted - a given when Meryl Streep is involved. growing up in the 80s I took for granted that Britain was run by a woman (or two women including Queen Elizabeth) but I didn't realize how hard she had to fight to get and stay there.

Today was a good at home day. My daughter and I worked on little cards to put on her Girl Scout Cookies,. For some reason the Girl Scout site doesn't have these ready made so we made them ourselves finding relevant pictures through Google and then adding our own caption. and then since it was relatively warm, we took the kids to play outside.

My friend stopped by with my Lia Sophia stuff which I am looking forward to wearing (just need to do some laundry first). I got the Vino Necklace and Birthday party earrings,

and Adriatic Earrings which I think will go well with the Blue Sky earrings I already have.

Caspian Sea Necklace

The one thing I don't like about these parties is that I tend to order things that are only in the catalog so can't always figure out how they will really look or fall. But so far I've only been disappointed once and was able to return the piece for a refund two years later so can't really complain. I received my invite to the other party today too, so hopefully will be able to make it to that so I can get the Wallflower necklace for my daughter.

And a couple of other things for me depending on what special they are running in March.  I'm thinking about these......

High Strung Necklace

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