Monday, February 27, 2012

Back Up Your Blog

Last week I had one of my shower epiphanies. With 3 kids running around, I don't get much time to myself. My morning shower helps me wake up but also helps me clear my head, and sometimes even gives me the luxury of a couple of extra minutes to think about things other than mentally prioritizing the day's to-do list.

Anyway, back to the epiphany. I started this blog for the convenience of writing on the go, and being able to track things that happen in our family. What if one day through some computer SNAFU it all disappeared? That would totally suck. I wasn't really sure how to back it all up, and then happened upon a blogpost by another blogger who showed how easy it is. Check out this post by this post by A Simply Klassic Home for easy instructions on how to do it.
I just did it with mine. I have it saved on my hard drive now and feel better (I know an external hard drive would be even better but since I don't have one, this will have to do for now.) It was very easy and only took a couple of minutes. So while you're sitting at your computer anyway, take the time to back yours up too.

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