Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 7 Project - Kitchen Drawers

This week's project is organizing the kitchen drawers. After 3 trips to the Container Store (the first two because I didn't measure properly) I finally have our junk drawers under control. Thanks to some pegs I found at Meijer, my cleaning closet is all organized too. It already had the peg board, I just didn't have enough pegs. Anyway, here is the before and after.

After the first trip to the Container Store was unsuccessful I dumped most of the stuff in the second drawer and put stuff we needed most in the top drawer (not sure why I put the cigar in there).

I got some mesh wire separators at the Container Store and this how it looks now. So much better and easier, and I only removed a few things that didn't belong.

I also found some pegs at Meijer so decided to tackle our cleaning closet.


And now after

Everything has a peg, and nothing is in the way of getting to anything else.  For some reason I had two Swiffers, so I brought one upstairs for quick bathroom cleans. So much easier.  It almost makes me want to clean (almost).

Since I was at the Container Store I also got some bins for our coat closet too, so have already started working on that, even though that's next week's project.

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