Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coat Closet Transformation is Finally Complete

This has been an ongoing project and it bugged me for a while, but now is finally done, largely thanks to Costco.

We don't have a mudroom so the coatcloset in our kitchen is used for lots of different things. Our recycling is in there, our tool box is in there, shoes, my command center, small kid stuff (like sunglasses and new containers of bubble stuff), seasonal stuff is in the hanging organizer from IKEA (sunscreen/bug spray etc), and of course coats.

Someday I may do a whole elfa closet system from my other favorite store - the Container Store, but for now that's more than I want to spend.

We have two recycling bins from the Container Store - one for papers, one with a trash bag liner for everything else. They are kind of small, but that's on purpose. The smaller they are the more often I have to dump them in to our bin outside and keep a handle on them.
Last year I got a shoe rack from Costco with the idea that it would work if each of only kept one pair of shoes in the closet at a time. It worked in the winter when we pretty much live in boots, but now that we're alternating among flip flops, sandals, sneakers, etc, it became a pile of shoes, and hard to close the door. Yesterday I picked up these bins at Costco. They're perfect.

Each kid gets their own bin, and they were very excited about the designs.  They are nylon so should clean out easier than some of the fabric ones.  Unfortunately I didn't have enough room for my husband and I to each have our own bin, but that's ok since we keep most of our shoes in our closet upstairs.  Little Man was surprisingly excited about the new system and actually got his slippers and rain boats out of the closet in his room, and brought them to his bin.  

I'm super excited to finally have this all organized.  In case you're wondering I didn't get any of this stuff free and was not asked to review it.  I only include the names of the stores as I have seen cute/cool things on other peoples blogs but can't find the shopping info it can be hard to find stuff.

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