Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Our town held fireworks last night (as they always do, don't ask me why). We were considering skipping them this year as it was so hot with temps in the 100s all day and past sunset.

We can't go tonight as my husband is on call (and the temps aren't going to be a whole lot better)

The kids were disappointed when we talked about skipping it, so we came up with a compromise. Dinner at home (instead of a picnic). Head out to the firework site around 8 (rather than our usual 4pm or so). Usually the kids play with friends before the show.

We found a good spot and set up camp. We got the kids some Chipwiches and bought water from some enterprising homeowners across from the football field who were selling cold water and soda for $1 each. The kids were sitting on our big towel while my husband and I were in the folding chairs. Shortly after the first fireworks went off, Little Man climbed up in my chair. He was still watching all the fireworks and not crying, but every few minutes would ask when we were going to leave :(

The show lasted about 20 minutes and as soon as the 1812 Overture was over we were out of there. We zigzagged our way back to our car (which luckily my husband remembered where was cause I didn't). On the way back everyone talked about their favorite fireworks, including Little Man. So overall a successful night.

Today we're just going to take it easy. As I said my husband is working, and we decided to skip the kids parade our town puts on every year as it starts at 9am and we wanted to sleep in. I was actually a little bummed we couldn't make it work given that this years theme is Support the Troops, and I know my kids would have done a good job decorating our wagon, but I was not looking forward to pulling it for about 3 miles to and from town and around the route with about 100 lbs of kids in this heat.

We still haven't heard back from the Marine we sent our care package to, back in the beginning of June. He said in his initial post that he would respond to every package received, so I'm hoping it was just delayed a little and that when he does receive it, it finds him well.

As you all are out at barbecues and watching fireworks (and maybe taking advantage of the sales), take a moment to think about the soldiers past and present who fought for and protect our Independence.


  1. It's in the 100s where I am too--that puts a bit of a damper on all the 4th of July festivities, I think. When I was a kid, my dad was often on call for work on the holidays, so I remember how hard it was trying to fit all our festivities in. It sounds like you all still had a good 4th of July, though!

    I'm your newest follower via the Welcome Wednesday blog hop and would love a follow back :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for following. Following you back. We're in the suburbs of Chicago so definitely have the same weather.

  3. this is my first blog hop so i'm determined to visit and follow every one on the list. i would love for you to stop by to visit and follow me

    new follower bev


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