Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Wrapup

School ended the first week of June and the first session of summerschool started the following Tuesday. First session is now over.

Little Reader took a writing class and a baking class. In the writing class they wrote stories, including one that they typed up on the computer and brought home to illustrate. She liked it, but preferred the baking class. They made different stuff each day including donut muffins (which we made together this morning), mozzarella sticks, cookies , fudge, etc. A couple of times she brought things home for the rest of us to try, but usually she ended up eating them there. At the end of the session, she brought home copies of all the recipes including a few they didn't get around too. She's excited to make some of them as the summer goes on.

Little Hugger took a Fun With Numbers class where they worked on basic math and also made things with pattern blocks (which was her favorite). Still she did better than I thought she would with the basic math, now if I can just get her to write her numbers correctly (half the time she writes them backwards). She also took a class called Read it and Eat It. So they would read a story and then their snack would be something related to the book. They tended to be sweets but she also came home with a bunch of recipes that she wants to make this summer.

Little Man is loving camp. He missed the first week because he wasn't potty trained yet, but then got motivated when I mentioned I would maybe just cancel it. It's basically 3 hours of free play with a bunch of other 3 year olds. They set up mini pools and sprinklers for when they play outside. They have story time and bring their own snacks. He says he's making friends, but doesn't seem to know anyone's name (typical for this age of course). He proudly shows off his craft, but I think the part he likes the most is that since I have to pick up his sisters first, all three of us are there to pick him up, and hear about what he did that day.

He's doing really well with the potty but I hope to have him truly toilet trained by school. Right now he uses a portable seat whenever we leave the house, and the counseled don't seem to like having to help him with it, but too bad - it's not against the rules, and he's only had one accident and that was outside.

I had my husband show him how to pee standing up a couple of weeks ago, but Little Man just thought it was silly and giggled a lot.

Of course the best part of him going to camp is I have more time for myself. I've been able to do things some of the things that I want to do that I don't have time for normally. It may only be a couple of hours, but it still has done wonders for me. I feel more relaxed and happier.

As for the Get out of a Rut Challenge, I did pretty well with the clothing/appearance part. I started actually wearing skirts on occasion and people noticed and complimented me on my appearance. I picked up some new clothes at Nordstroms which I really like but are mostly tops for going out, not everyday stuff.

There were a couple of times where people asked where I was going since I was all dressed up - a solid color tshirt, old navy skirt, sandals, a little bit of jewelry and basic makeup and all of a sudden, I'm all dressed up. I guess I really did look like a slob before ;) The main thing was that it really didn't take me that much longer to get ready in the morning, and I felt better about myself, so that's worth continuing.

Don't ask about the second part (getting our finances in order, cause it didn't happen). That'll be July's challenge.

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