Friday, July 27, 2012


Last night I went to bed all excited to run in the morning. My husband was planning on sleeping in, as he was taking a day off (although ended up scheduling a 1030 case anyway). I had forgotten to bring the trash down, but figured that was no big deal as I'd be up before the garbage men arrived at 8.

Unfortunately, Little Man had a nightmare. At about 230 I heard him calling for me. Normally he just has night terrors. I go in and rub his back til he stops crying and settles back down. Tonight he had a nightmare about bats flying our our kitchen while we were eating.

I calmed him down gave him some books to look at, and tucked him back in. A few minutes later, he was calling for me again. Apparently once he closed his eyes again he started thinking about the bats again.

I found him an animal picture book with cute photos of puppies and kittens. That worked for a couple of minutes.

I probably had to tuck him back in about 5 more times before he finally settled in.

Around 8 I heard the garbage trucks rolling down the street. My husband asked if I was going running, and I told him about Little Man's nightmares. He thinks the bats were probably from one of the previews before Brave. I had assumed the movie itself was G as every other Disney movie. Turned out it was PG, so some of the PG rated movie previews were a bit much for Little Man. Oops.

Now after playing catch up this morning, time to take the kids for the first round of back to school shopping.
We still have a couple of weeks but I like to get the good deals (rather than buying the overpriced prepackaged pack the PTO promotes.)

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