Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Magic Eraser

I'm trying to use fewer chemicals when I clean but I kept reading about Mr Clean's Magic Eraser on a bunch of different blogs.

I got a coupon for one a while back and finally decided to try it when I saw some pencil scribble on our basement baseboards. Not sure how long it had been there or who the guilty party was (although I have my suspicions), but I wanted it gone.

I wet the Eraser and squeezed out the extra water as instructed, after a few swipes the pencil was gone!! Then I went around and easily wiped off all of the grubby fingerprints off the various walls. It was working so well I decided to try it on a mark that has bugged me since we moved in to this house - crayons scribble inside my daughter's closet door. It's been there since before we had kids, so it must have been the "artwork" of the previous residents. Again success. It did dry the wood a little bit, so I wiped it down with Murphy's spray when I was done.

The weird thing about the Magic Eraser is that it is meant to be disposable and slowly disintegrates as you use it. Still I was able handle all the things I wanted to clean with just one.

From now on I'll keep a couple of these with my cleaning supplies. If you are one of the ones who blogged about these things, thank you.  If you haven't tried them yet, you should.

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  1. LOVE these. They have saved me much stress over the years with my six babies!

    walking through the blogs today- nice to meet you!


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