Monday, July 16, 2012

He Finally Ate a Sandwich !!!!

It's been a while since I've posted about Little Man's feeding issues.

When he turned 3 in May, he declared that big boys don't eat baby food. Great!! Only problem was he was living on yobabys and graham crackers for the past two months.

He stopped going to his feeding group. He was doing well after 8 weeks, and since there is only one level of group therapy, I didn't see any reason to continue. His feeding therapist has still been coming to our house once a week to work with him, and he'd have some weeks where he would do well and others where he would refuse to eat. We both agreed that the potty training and feeding therapy at the same time may have been a lot for him to handle.

Now that he's basically toilet trained he's more willing to try new foods. He eats hummus (licks it off carrots), has had grilled cheese, likes those little cracker sandwiches with cheese or peanut butter in the middle, took a couple of nibbles of pizza the other day, ordered and had a few bites of cheese quesadillas at our local Mexican restaurant but the biggest step was today when he actually ate a peanut butter sandwich!!!!

It was only a quarter and it took him a while, but he ate it, and only left the crust. The best part was at snack time, he asked for another one.

We went ahead and added a sandwich to the "Big Boy Fridge" his therapist gave him. I took a little video of him putting it in, and sent it to her. She responded that she was very proud of him.

We've still got a ways to go, but I'm hoping he'll progress faster now. A while back I asked his therapist his long she usually works with kids like him. She said it usually takes a year (sometimes two). The goal is to have him eating a combo of 10 proteins, 10 fruits/vegetables, and 10 carbs. At this point she's been working with him for about 5 months.

I'm hoping that with a little more progress over the next few weeks, he'll be ok for snack time at school (the school provides the snacks, unlike camp where he brings his own). I think at that point the peer pressure will help get him to try new things too, and he'll get those 30 things in his little fridge.

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