Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy weekend

Friday I went with my oldest daughter to her Brownie meeting and ice skate. I had to get a sitter for the younger two since my husband was on call but since I don't get a lot of one on one time with her it was worth it.

They had pizza at the rink and then one of the Moms gave a presentation on Greece.  They learn about different countries at each meeting and have previously learned about Jordan and Japan. One of the Moms is Greek gave a quick presentation and then they all got to write their names in Greek.

Only 2 of the troop leaders had skates and I was the only Mom who came to skate that was not a leader. I took another woman's daughter for one lap around while she got her skates on, and then a girl who is friends with my daughter asked if she could join us as her parents had just dropped her off. She was a little better than my daughter but not so much that it mattered. It made a little harder for me to coach my daughter since I had to watch the other girl too, but they both had fun. She hadn't skated in almost a year so was a bit unsteady in the beginning but was doing better by the end. There were a couple of girls who were really good, one of them was a total show off though which bugged me. She's someone who my daughter has said is pretty bossy in school and I totally see it. My daughter was probably in the middle in terms of abilities, better than some, not as good as others. We stayed about an hour and a half and were on the ice almost the whole time. We only fell once and that was because she started to stumble right when someone distracted me, but we were both fine.

Saturday morning my husband took my daughters on their overnight to the water park along with their Indian Princess tribe. I took my son to Firezone to go play. It was our first time there and it was smaller than I had expected but good for an hour (which is the length of the drop off time). The kids get a little firefighter coat to wear and there is a full size fire truck and ambulance to climb on, a firepole, a dispatch center, a couple of ladders they can pull up and down and a little house where they have a smoke machine blowing smoke and the kids use the hose attached to the hydrant outside to put out the fire. They have a firefighter there who does a little presentation at the end putting on all his gear do the kids can see it all up close. As we left he got a little fire badge sticker to wear.

We had lunch at Jason's deli and then headed home. I had already decided that he and I would watch a movie before he went to bed and for the past couple of days he had said he wanted to watch Cars. Then today he decided that since he had already seen Cars he wanted to watch Nemo instead. So after a quick dinner and a bath, we settled in to watch the movie. At first he was sitting in his chair and I was on the sofa, then it got to the part where Marlin and Dory meet Bruce the shark and he started to get a little scared, so I told him he could sit with me which he did, all snuggled up for the rest of the movie :) I think quite a bit of it was over his head, but he still seemed to like it.

After reading a quick story I put him to bed and then I finished the curtain for the storage closet. It looks pretty good for a temporary fix.. I watched Green Zone and went through our Super Bowl party supplies to see what I need to get and then gave myself a quick pedicure since all the polish was chipped off anyway.

So all together I tended quite a few of my trees the past two days :)
- quality one on one time with 2 of the 3 kids, I'll paint with my younger daughter Monday afternoon
- finished one weekly project right on time, so started the next a day early
- took care of myself with the pedicure and movie that I wanted to see

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