Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New recipes

This weekend was all about new recipes. Saturdays are my husband's night to choose dinner. Usually he doesn't bother and I end up picking something I know he likes, but this week he decided he wanted to try a chili recipe that his Dad had given him ages ago that we had never tried. It's the recipe from Chasen's restaurant in Los Angeles and supposedly was Liz Taylor's favorite (for whatever that's worth). There are a few different versions available on line - none of which are the version I have - so I'll add it here later. The actual recipe called for 3.5 lbs of ground meat (mix of beef and pork). Since our kids don't like chili we decided to cut the recipe in half. Unfortunately my husband forgot to cut the salt in half. He tried to fix it by adding more of other spices, putting cheddar cheese and sour cream on the final product, which helped. It definitely has potential but I haven't decided yet which we're going to use for the Super Bowl party.

While he was making the chili I tried out the Dad's Favorite Fudge recipe. It didn't turn out as creamy and chocolatey as promised or as I had hoped but that was probably my fault. Next time I'll get a candy thermometer and use the soft ball rest. Still it wasn't bad, I mean it is chocolate after all.

I also made this ridiculously cheesy and very good Charleston Cheese Dip.  It was a big hit.  Of course, being cheese topped with bacon how could it not be?  I'll definitely be making it for the Super Bowl.

So one winner, and two that are worth a second try while paying a little more attention.

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