Friday, January 13, 2012

Just the 5 of us again

We had parents visiting from November 9th through January 11th with a two week break in the beginning of December (which I barely remember due to the holiday prep craziness and worrying that we wouldn't have a Christmas this year.)

Overall it was good to have them here, but it's nice to be back to just our little family. My husband and I both get along well with our parents and each others which definitely helps. It was great with the holiday chaos to have an adult in the house keeping an eye on the kids when I needed to run errands. While I did do some shopping with both sets, it was definitely easier to go solo. The kids enjoy spending time with their grandparents even if it is getting harder for all of them to keep up with the energy level of young kids.

Thankfully, none of the grandparents expected much in terms of activities. They were happy to just stay home. In fact at one point I felt guilty when I realized that since I had been leaving my inlaws at home when I ran errands my mother in law had not left the house in a week. I mentioned it to her, and she said it was fine, she was enjoying just being with the kids. Ok. Great, cause I gotta go out again :) My FIL got a little stir crazy so did come with me a few times.

I'm so used to getting up, getting everyone fed and dressed and doing whatever we need, I kind of forgot that unless I let people the grandparents know the plan the night before we may not leave the house till 11am which made it tough to get my son down for his nap by 130. Both Moms are the type that don't wash their hair every day so when they do it's a time consuming process of washing, drying and hot rollers. Being a wash and go girl, I don't get this, maybe some day I will but there were a couple of days when I had a plan for the day only to find out it was hair washing day. Alright, see ya, I'm going out.

It was interesting watching my MIL and my Mom interact with the kids. If I asked one of the kids to do something and my MIL heard she would immediately repeat what I had asked but in a slightly sterner voice. I know she was trying to help so I never said anything and neither did my kids, but in most cases my request was not a drop what you're doing and do what I asked kind of thing. It was more, when you finish your craft can you set the table?On the flip side, my Mom is always very concerned that she's going to step on toes or intervene when it's not her place to and there were times when I would wish she would speak up and back me up, but she would keep quiet.

The Dad's are very different too. My FIL is very hands on, loves to play with the kids, tell jokes and stories. My Dad is much more quiet and doesn't play with them at all. This totally bugs my sister as her inlaws are pretty hands on and active with her kids too. I've just accepted that this is the way he is.

So as much as I miss their company, being able to let my son nap as long as he needs because there was always an adult in the house, or not having to bring any or all kids with me if I had to run out, it's kind of nice to just be back to our own thing.

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