Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's official I'm hooked. I knew I would be which is why I put off signing up, but I see now how it can also keep you organized and save time.

I used to be the type who when I get a magazine I would read it cover to cover and rip out any articles or ads I wanted to remember instead of keeping the whole thing. My Mom has piles of magazines everywhere that she saves just for one page, it bugs me (not sure why, it just does). The problem was that aside from recipes (which I do have a good system for) those ripped out pages never had a good home, and I would end forgetting about or losing them.

Bookmarks are great but I had bookmarks on my phone, two computers and the iPad. Not very practical. I tried using a page on this blog for keeping track of recipes I want to try but since the mobile version of blogger doesn't make it easy to add links, that didn't really work either. Anything I wanted to link I had to do from a real computer. I hope they fix that feature soon.

I was very happy when I got the pinning bookmarklet downloaded to my phone yesterday. Now I can capture anything I see on a website that I want to keep.

Also, if I see something in a magazine I just go to that company's website and pin whatever it is. I'm already at the point that I get annoyed if companies don't make things pinable. For example, yesterday I found a craft I thought would be fun for the kids in Parents magazine. I went to their website and tried to find it and couldn't. So instead I just took a picture of the craft and the instructions with my phone and uploaded it. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

At this point I'm only following a couple of people and haven't added much just repinned. I have to figure out how to watermark my pictures so I can start uploading my own stuff.

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