Monday, January 9, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

I was never a Girl Scout and am probably the only person in America who doesn't like Girl Scout cookies. However, my daughter is a Girl Scout and selling cookies for the second time, so I will support her.

I will not have my husband sell on her behalf at his office. Even she agrees that's not fair, since she's not the one selling.

Last year she set a personal goal of 40 boxes and ended up selling 63. Her troop didn't have a group goal in mind but the girl who sold the most sold 103 boxes.

This year she raised her goal to 75 boxes and after just one weekend of selling, she has sold 119 boxes, and still wants to try a few more houses that we didn't have time for. Our neighbor also gave us her mother's phone number and suggested she call her to sell a few boxes to her so we'll probably do that this afternoon. Luckily the weather has been really good so we were able to spend about 4 hours walking around our neighborhood ringing doorbells.

Her new goal is 150 boxes (she would earn a new alarm clock). I'm not sure if she'll make it, but I'm willing to help her try. And if she gets close I would be willing to buy a couple of boxes to make up the difference.

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