Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupational Therapist

She spent about 45 minutes at our house. She did some of the same tests the developmental therapist had done (puzzles, coloring, stacking blocks, threading a necklace, having him copy what she built out of blocks, etc).

Then she wanted to see him eat. Unfortunately he had just eaten before she arrived so wasn't really hungry but finally agreed to have some "wildebeest" :) She could see that he was fine with that too so then asked that I get a plate and some crackers to see him play with the food.

She had him spoon some of the bananas on to the plate and then try to stand the crackers up in it. He very carefully put the crackers in the bananas but didn't want to touch them so didn't really stand them up, just kind of put them close and let go. She tried to get him to scoop up the bananas using the crackers but he didn't really like that since they were mostly coated in bananas.

Bottom line, she didn't think he needs full occupational therapy but recommends that we join the feeding group which will start in a couple of weeks (which she helps lead). She also recommended that since he does so well with eating the things he does like to start putting his food on real plates and then also put some regular finger food (or small bites of whatever we are eating) on it too. The idea being the more he is exposed to it, the quicker he should develop a tolerance. She also recommended that once the meal is over he clean up the bite size items by putting them in one if the throw away cups and clearing the table. Again the more he feels like he is doing what everyone else does the quicker he will progress.

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