Thursday, January 5, 2012

Productive Day yesterday (and hopefully today)

We didn't leave the house til almost 11 but once we hit the road we got a lot done. Container Store for a new pencil box for my oldest, new boxes for craft supplies at home, a container for my china bowls, and a couple of things my Mom needed.

Then off to the mall for lunch and a stop at Nordstroms to look at a bag my Mom wanted to see (and after much hemming and hawing bought). I would have bought one too if I didn't still need to use backpacks. It's hard to hold kids hands or push a stroller with a shoulder bag. Hopefully that phase will end soon. Then one last stop at LLBean to pick up slippers for my parents.

I dropped my parents and one daughter at home, took my oldest to her piano lesson while my son snoozed in the car.

I also talked to the loan officer at Chase about our mortgage. Unfortunately we don't qualify for the HARP program since we have a jumbo, but he told me what papers I need to bring in to file the application so will get that together and meet with him on Friday hopefully.

I also got a response from our accountant about withholdings and she said we could definitely increase by 1 or 2 allowances so need to figure that out today too. Another reason to find the tax returns.

My oldest is going to a friend's house this afternoon and then I'll take everyone else on a Costco run plus a stop at Carter's for socks, as they have all outgrown, worn down or lost the matches for their socks.

Also just got a call from our Park District that a spot opened up in the class I wanted for my son, so he gets to be with his friends again. :)

Not a super exciting day, but little by little things are getting done. Hopefully Friday I can get to Lowes and find a new faucet for our powder room.

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