Monday, January 9, 2012

De Christmasing and Back to school

We spent most of the weekend packing up Christmas. Never fun but at least my Mom was here to help. My little man helped too packing away some of the non fragile ornaments.

We took the tree out last night so it can be chipped up with all the others on garbage day.

This morning was the first day back at school and we all got back to the routine pretty easily. Even my son who hasn't had a good nap in a few days (so I thought would be extra tired) got up without complaint. He even insisted on coming with me to drop off his sisters even though my parents are still in town and he could have stayed home and played.

The temperature has definitely started to dip and there was frost on the ground when we walked to school, but then when I walked my daughter home at lunch time we saw 3 robins in one tree. Seems way too early, I guess they're just as confused by the weather as the rest of us.

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