Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day

Well, sort of...the snow only started after I dropped my daughters off at school. We drove so I could do a couple of quick errands before going home. Then at 1045 I got a call from the school. My oldest wasn't feeling well. She said her tummy hurt and the nurse had her in the bathroom in case she threw up.

I bundled up my son and went and picked her up. She was sitting on the bed in the nurse's office looking all kinds of pathetic. She had not thrown up but said around 930 she had started feeling bad and her teacher sent her to the nurses office. On the way out I saw my youngest daughter's teacher who asked if we wanted to me her too so I wouldn't have to come back (especially since it had just started snowing and she only had 45 min left anyway). So we did.

We got everyone home and my oldest up to bed. She didn't have a fever but also told me that before she went to the nurses office her ears started ringing. I asked her if she had gotten light headed. She didn't know the term but once I told her what it meant she agreed, that her vision had gotten blurry and dark. I told her what to do next time.

She was home about 30 minutes before she did actually throw up, and spent most of the afternoon resting in her bed. So it was good she came home.

My son got a nice long nap that afternoon since I didn't have to leave for pickup. I did do a bit of shoveling and snow blowing, before it got dark . About 4 inches at that point and still falling. I unplugged the Christmas lights :( Admittedly we were among the last in town to have them turned on, and it does cost a lot in electricity to keep them on.

Back inside I had a beer and played Jenga for a while. First with my youngest daughter and then the older one came down to join us. Resting had made her feel better but it got kind of boring once she read all the new books she had in her room. She just finished the new Magic Tree House book about Abe Lincoln so was telling us all sorts of facts about him.

Dinner was tortellini with Alfredo sauce for my husband and I, plain for my daughter and a couple of chicken nuggets for the sick one.

As I was cleaning up, I saw that I had received an invite to Pinterest and started setting up the account in my phone. For some reason you have to do the initial setup from a FB or Twitter account (I guess to facilitate the following) but I didn't want to do it that way, since it's more to link to this blog that I want it. I unfollowed any names I recognized and then played around with it after the kids were in bed. I can definitely see how it can get addicting. I found some cool kid crafts, a couple of recipes, and some home organization/cleaning tips in a fairly short time. Those last ones will come in handy since I had to let our cleaning lady go today. She's been great and I hated doing it, but it's hard to justify $100 every other week when we have $90000 in debt. I kept trying to rationalize having her come one last time to give me a base line clean before I implement whatever new cleaning plan I come up with, but again that doesn't make sense either. So I figure this weekend I'll come up with/start the plan. Hopefully I can give the kids a couple of more useful chores too.

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