Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Off to a good start

This week's project is Super Bowl party prep. Ok, maybe that's cheating a little but I figure some parts of the house will get organized as a result. Case in point I took my husband's board certificate to be reframed today and will pick it up tomorrow - cross that off week 11.

I did my monthly Costco run and picked up some things at Bed & Bath, and took my son for a much needed haircut.

After picking up my daughter at school I did a load of laundry while the kids played. While my son took his nap, I did some cleaning - the kids bathroom top to bottom, and dusted and vacuumed kids rooms and our bedroom. All in a little over an hour. Not too bad. I figure if I wash all the floors upstairs tomorrow and do a quick clean of our bathroom I'll be done up there and can focus on the areas where people will actually be for the party.

The best part after all that boring stuff was I had time to sit with my daughter and talk about her day and help her with her homework will my son napped.

It was pretty warm today so the kids played outside for a little while before it got too dark.  I took this picture while standing out there.  It was actually a crescent moon, but I guess the iPhone camera does have its limits :)

Finally after the kids were in bed, my husband and I watched Alcatraz.  I'm not a fan of science fiction or JJ Abrams but this has a pretty basic concept.  When Alcatraz closed in the 60s and all the prisoners were transferred to other facilities, but the premise on this show is that they actually disappeared without a trace and are now reappearing in the present.  Once you buy into that concept the rest of the show is kind of like Journeyman which I used to like but was cancelled after one season.

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