Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days Wrapup

Ok, ok I flaked out on the last couple of days. Still I am pretty impressed with myself for how long I was able to stick with it as I didn't plan ahead nearly enough. There were a few topics I wanted to cover that I never got around to so may just write those up as regular posts at some point. Still since I also posted things that weren't technically following my theme, I wrote 41 posts which is more than I have any other month.

I may try this again next year as I did enjoy the exercise, it forced me to think and write about a lot of things that have been buzzing around my brain for a while bugging me, and I feel like I did accomplish my original goal - working through some issues in order to head in to the holidays more at peace.

I only followed three other people's series and now look forward to going back to the nest and checking out some of the others. I think there were over 1200 different series.

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