Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I've Got My Eye on the Prize

As I've mentioned before I started running this summer and set goals for myself to stay motivated. It has definitely worked. I'm running the Hot Chocolate 15k next weekend, and feel ready. I'm really looking forward to the chocolate goodies at the end.

But more than that, I'm also ready to take a break from running or at least ratchet it down a bit. Right now I run three days a week - 2 days about 3.5 miles and then a long run the 3rd day. Today was my last pre-race long run and I ran 7.5.

Last Friday it was raining and I needed to run errands while the kids were in school. I had time to wander around Barnes & Noble by myself for a while and peek into other stores nearby - what a luxury. I know I could do stuff like that on the weekends, but I hardly ever do - that's family time. Also this time of year so many stores are selling creepy Halloween stuff which freaks me out, so right now it's all about power shopping and avoiding some of my favorite stores (like Michael's)

So as much as I am psyched for the race, I am just as excited to be done with training for a while and start using my kidless time to start getting ready for Christmas - my favorite holiday.

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