Monday, October 1, 2012

September Wrapup

"It's pretty cold for late September
The autumn wind is creeping in
The summer suns packed up, it's long gone."
                               - Bon Jovi

Another month has passed which means it's time to check in on last month's goals.  Overall ok, but didn't quite make everything.

So goals for September were:
- Run 50 miles (total) - I did it!!! 50.34 to be exact.  Not bad considering I had to skip a couple of days due to rain
- Stick to a budget - still working on this, I did better this month, my husband went a little crazy at the Ryder Cup, but since he hardly ever buys anything I'll give him a pass.
- Stick to a cleaning routine - meh.  Got to get better at this one. 
- Update project list - DONE

Some of the big to-dos are
- Figure out collages for blog - loving Picmonkey.  It's so easy and fun. 
- Catch up on my Project list - Happy to say I am back on track here.
- Sew a comforter for Little Readers Build A Bear Bed - need to get supplies for this before I get sidetracked with holiday projects.
- Tag clothes for Kids Sale - DONE

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