Thursday, October 25, 2012

How I Start My Day

After reading lots of other Mom blogs I've often read the advice to get up and get dressed and take time to plan your day or enjoy a few minutes of quiet before your kids wake up. Makes sense. Do I do it? Hell no!

What's my morning routine? Most days, my husband gets up, gets himself ready, kisses me goodbye and leaves before the rest of us have even woken up.

650 - First alarm goes off - snooze
700 - Second alarm goes off - snooze
       - My daughters' alarms go off, they get dressed and shortly after they come in to my
         room and get under the covers and snuggle with me - one on either side
710 - Now it's time to get up and wake up Little Man if he hasn't joined us by this point,
         and then head down for breakfast.

All you early birds can enjoy your worm, I prefer to stay in my nice warm nest.  My daughters are 8 and 6 I know the day is rapidly approaching that they won't want to snuggle with me any more. I'm going to enjoy these days as long as I can.

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