Sunday, October 28, 2012

Night Circus

I wasn't sure if I would like this book but after all the hype I had to give it a try.

It intrigued me from the beginning. The night circus is a circus like no other. It mysteriously arrives at night with no clear timetable. The circus is a vast array of tents, each with it's own performer. Unlike most circuses which are an onslaught of color this circus is all black and white truly allowing the focus being on the performers.The author does an excellent job describing the different acts that the performers do.  This is one of those movies that I hope they don't try to make in to a movie because I don't even think Cirque du Soleil caliber performers could pull off some of the things the author has imagined.

One of the main performers is an illusionist named Celia Brown, her father was also an illusionist. He has a longstanding rival who he has periodic long term challenges with. In this case Celia is pitted against Marco an orphan picked by A H. They both train for years, neither knowing what the challenge truly is or who their opponent is. Their talents are very mystical. While Celia performs at the circus, Marco works for the overseer of the circus.  Their paths cross a few times and they become friends.  As their friendship grows into love, they realize that they are in fact rivals, and the terms of the challenge are that only one can be left standing. 

Normally I am not that interested in fantasy or mystical writing like this, but there was enough reality in it to keep me interested.  The descriptions were so vivid I really felt like I was there watching the circus and a member at the lavish midnight dinners that are a frequent part of the story. 

The funny thing too is that I have never taken my kids to the circus, but it will be coming through here in a few weeks.  Even though they're at a good age to enjoy the circus, I have no interest in what Ringling Brothers has to offer.  I want to see Le Cirque des Reves.


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